MY PAINTING IS LIKE A KIND OF ACTION OR CONSTRUCTION: „Actually I do not paint great time on the easel, although at times we understand each other well!  I usually fix the fabric on the board to be able to work better on it, and many times I prefer toContinue Reading

Color Therapy 1. Color therapy (treatment color) – is the use of color to eliminate the disease and healing for the body. It was proved that the color can cause physiological changes in the body cells. Use of color and light in color therapy results in alignment and increased energy.Continue Reading

Joshua Scranton, an artist who in a specific way combined the wisdom and art of the East, with the tradition and heritage of the West. He views the wisdom from both cultures as extremely valuable and intern he portrays it in his art. Joshua’s art captures his external experiences andContinue Reading

“Kiss me within the golden blue of your ocean” My darling angel with eyes of blue stars, the colour of Neptune, the royalty of my king… you captivate me within the tides of arms, the lakes of your eyes… ocean skies high I become your Amphitrite you infuse my beingContinue Reading

Identity,  Interview Ayse Cetintas In front of  us are the works of Ayse Cetintas. In abstract works, imaginative artists combine not only material and spiritual forces, but also aspects of different cultures.   The first impression is that of an impressive imagination of a very fantastic and sensitive person who hasContinue Reading