Impressions of painters (Paintings and poetry) – Lucy Lavish

“You are the solitaire to my diamond”

Within our night darker than molten honey, I dream walk into you, smouldering as all motions of love light…. you are the source of my energy, my divine knight sun… as a desire diamond, you shine as no other … I absorb you into every facet of me, I dream of you my darling angel, for my love for you is never ending… I sleep walk into the richest amber, diamond light pouring as honey, I am infused within all passion of you. Within your arms I awaken… my body, my arms wrap around you, I hold you so tightly for you are my pure energy … we unify, my mind is on fire within you, my skin glows … Lifting me, gently, our bodies caress, serenading, we move as music, within the tantalising halo of your arms. I melt as I breathe deeply within you… we smother each other within the light, the delight of our kisses, our lips join carbon to carbon, as diamonds we so flawlessly touching… our breath stops for a moment, our lips lingering… passion seeking our eyes submerge, we read our desire karat love count sharing, eyes hands skimming, you are my infinity… I am your destiny. Carats counts flawless, enormous, defying all gravity, faceting radiating from our body as one. A diamond star… carbon deep, man-made pressure flying , angel wings explore…. thoughts melding exhilarating… skin touching, breath enhancing… heart beating faster as we soar. Alive pressure deep in angel wings euphoric resonating expanding the universe…..We move embracing, as the whispering wind we flow… words echo deeper than skin, our bodies ignite within your arms, we entwine … Our passion explores as amber Lions eyes roar, the moon adores… hold me tighter… fly me higher… I am anchored within you my angel of divine diamond clarity… Pull me closer my rarest treasure, I want you.

“Kiss me within the sunset of your eyes”

 My darling, my love… I melt within the sunset of you, your wings start to stream around me, lifting me… day dreams joining the night skies… you are the longing of both my day and my night, my warrior of desire, my skin glows within hues of passion love lust, becoming fire invisible to the naked eye, only seen by your heart… My love for you is unsurpassed, with tenderness of an angel the strength of Thor, you have struck me with your lightning laced within serenity and liquid fire… Lions and jaguars, the night begins to prowl, the colour of amber black, scents flourish within starlight paradise flowers … the sunset and sunrise joining within the black… the moon and stars line the clouds as a divine carpet for us to meet, to be within our destiny of each other. Waking within an embrace more passionate than any daydream, our unity becomes one, entwining deeper I hold you tighter… My Thor with skin of velvet, the breath of brandy and smoke, you become the music to my ears… I melt within you, to be with you… We kiss within the fire of your thunder and lightning, our lips both share and sear…. we whisper delights, on fire… The night radiating, our thoughts pour so smoothly within each other, our skin speaks within heat of steaming lava embracing… Laying me down within the gravity of your wings, my angel, my warrior we trace thoughts as desire hieroglyphs, coats of arms of regal kings and queens, we feel the ecstasy of each other, whispering deeper all becomes our elixir to our love potion of desire… the serenade of our music. My angel with the strength of Thor the heart of an angel you are the haven for which I desire so deeply to explore… Hold me tightly, whisper your god like desired ambrosia for a little longer….

“Kiss me within your infinity”

My darling angel, my love, I dream of you…. My mind becomes as deep as diamond smoke passion, your wings as soft as all angels call… becoming my hush, my calm, the ecstasy surrounding. The sun’s rays glow with thoughts of you… birds soar… I find a feather falling… place it within my hand, tracing the heartbeat of you, invisible tattoos become the shadows the shafts of passion delight, caressing my skin as from a chandelier, the light from your eyes. The sun has set, the night as warm as velvet dresses the stars so brightly within the touch of kisses…. The nectar the sky as dark as an epiphany, a golden as the necklace of Citrine stars touches my skin… my thoughts my body within a trance, feels the potency of passion of you, I wait.. my eyes sounds as a siren calls, enchanted within all feeling of you… Your wings as calm as satin, as strong as eternity surround me, my angel, you shimmer…. Wrapping me within your embrace… your voice as smooth as whiskey honey is the sound to my music.. Taking my hands holding me closely your wings surround me, envelope me within your body your heartbeat, our hypnotic words share… We embrace, trace each other… our hands as feathers of addiction… our skin melds within the black, our lips touch sliding within words whispering… within all ecstasy of molten gold melting we become one within the strength, the delight of each other… We echo, we flow dancing, moving… ebb and flow entwining mesmerized within our eyes.. entwined as a golden cloud shining, we wear each other… Joining within heartbeats…. as ravens adorn, we become the jewels of time, a river of music, the golden stars of aurora borealis… cascading deeper within each other, the more we love the universe expands… Hold me a little longer my angel dress my heart within the jewels of your being….

Text and images

Lucy Lavish

Lucy Lavish in P.U.M. magazine

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