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“Kiss me within the golden blue of your ocean”

My darling angel with eyes of blue stars, the colour of Neptune, the royalty of my king… you captivate me within the tides of arms, the lakes of your eyes… ocean skies high I become your Amphitrite you infuse my being within your powers my Neptune you melt my thoughts within desire… caught within the night of velvet waves… black label whiskey becomes the satin to dreaming… the tones, your words caressing my veins, my thoughts become ignited with passion of your warmest fiery flame… I lay my head on my pillow, covering my body within the blanket your wings, dreams reaching into my mind… I become intoxicated fading within you. The night overflowing with desire, I see you, your eyes reflect oceans of magnificent power, reaching to me speaking…. the lustre of your breath slides within tones of whiskey sliding within the harmonics of your water… the velvet of your touch, the masculinity of you embracing my skin … the divine tones of your voice becomes my harmony, my rhapsody. Our lips meet with euphoric passion of the full tide. the fuse to my mind… tempting me within the site of our words… we dance within temptation, wild passion ignites… our hearts start to race…. our bodies moving we become as the temptation of a bullet shot smoking, you take me deeply within you. I feel your breath infusing smoking passion, my lips touch your skin… each kiss containing millions of wishes exploding… bursting flying within our paradise, our lips are euphoric, our bodies glowing… Hold me closely within our ambience of love, soul and body deep, blinded within intensity… enhancing all our senses… flying within infinity, I adore you more… My angel… always hold me a little longer for you are my skin, my 24 karat sapphire bullet…

“You are the whispers to my skin dreaming ”

My darling angel, my love, you are the starlight whispering, the flowers in my hair… the fire like wisps of silk glowing, your threads of desire shine becoming the tones of desire so richly flowing… sublimely you bewitch me enrich me, touching my skin… your heart beats within divine colour singing, your thoughts become mine… I adore you… you become the sound of my world. Your hands become the silk from your wings which accent my skin, we undress each other within our golden touch, evaporating within the air as Monarchs fly… I become the tones’ of gold and passion infiltrating your mind your body, your skin, I reach within your heart … we become blended within our love… Your arms surround me, gliding me warmly, your wings cocoon us within all time, I am encased within you… so fluidly we glide moving as a dance of love light soaring. Within the night as potent as fire diamonds as rich and deep as silken velvet our desires caress and breathe… as rich as maple syrup… your voice flows within my being desires begin to fly. Your wings of silk become my kingdom my angel… I travel within you…within the silk of the butterfly you charm me… my heart flutters… you hold me like no other, our lips embrace lingering as wings of desired passion…we fly together. We touch, gliding as luscious nectar, maple so golden as butterflies whisper we entwine together… Our hands sliding, we glide so smoothly our bodies entwine, our arms embrace and surrender within each other… Take my hand my love… glide me guide me higher flying flowing together… You are the colour, the sound of my love beat, the silk to my skin.. we blend with the night my darling angel I adore you… Hold me a little longer… my heart flutters for you…

“Hold me within your tango of your kiss”

 My daring angel you the gold, the melted honey to my kiss… the black to my gold, the lips to my breath… I see images of you for you are both my daydream and my angel of the night… for infinity entwined, we shimmer within mirages… as underground fires burn… desire roses bloom within the tango of you, the ocean extends its arms to the moon. My angel of the shadows, the light in my heart. I echo into you my darling, my angel…clouds shifting, the sky converging as brandy and wine, I breathe your whiskey highlights lost within thought, the bliss of you… for you are my day dream, my night dream beating. Flowing into me, you draw me closer…my arms wrap around you, my heart beat lifts within the temperature of your arms… flames sear, day and night merge we tango within our heart beats… Desires deeper than our eyes merge, our hands touching our music alight, all becomes sweeter and deeper than all nectar of the gods, we kiss as smoothly as melted butter and honey igniting. Hold me closer my love, my lips brushing whispering against your skin, my fingers trace the outlines of you. Take me my darling… fly me deeply with you… An infinity of two, hold me tighter… my heart is wrapped around you… Hold me always a little longer within the twilight and dawn.

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