Melania Díaz, painter


„Actually I do not paint great time on the easel, although at times we understand each other well! 

I usually fix the fabric on the board to be able to work better on it, and many times I prefer to place it directly on the wall or on the floor, since I need the resistance of a hard surface; in this way I feel more comfortable, closer to the painting, and with greater capacity to participate in it, since I can walk around the canvas, work from any of its four sides and literally enter the painting.

It is like a process of action, at the beginning I do not know which side of the picture will be the final in perspective until the end I decide which is its correct side.

Who says it should only be painted with the brush? I prefer to look for my own instruments, in addition to the brush I use; sticks, rags, papers, spatulas among other things and fluid paint in dry or drip pigment, blasting, draining, thick filling based on sand, or other materials …

I like to undo, scrape, start over etc.“

“Muero de ti”, 84 X 61 cm. Mixsta, tela, table.

“I feel free because I am a woman who has had the joy of having a child in her womb, because from there I learned what love is and discovered the beauty of life, I am not afraid to express how I am sorry because I know that strength comes from within me and not from myself, that’s why I only paint and that’s it; I feel inspired by the brave women who have spoken and I speak in the best way I know how to do it, with my brushes”

“Ventarrón de fuego”, 94 X 91 cm. Mixta, tela, tabla

„I discovered myself! I learned to love myself as I am, I don’t seek to earn anything! nor do I seek to paint to please anyone, I just paint and period.

My artistic resume, to make a good work, you have to have life! I am a full woman, mother of 3 children; in the last years especially of my third son, a staffed who learned to read only at 2 years and 3 months, which is why I helped him to include him in school.

In recent years I have curated 5 important diplomas with Master Luz María García Ordóñez, which I have experienced strongly to empty what I have learned in my own expression, because for me it is important to always be looking for new knowledge and discard what does not serve me.

Other than that; the loneliness and obsession with light in those open windows that came out badly painted on the fabrics on boards, which I made and undid again and again in a corner in the darkness of my small workshop.

My story is this, I do not have great recognitions behind me, I have not dedicated myself to collecting stamps, nor to traveling with my work in international exhibitions, I have lived intensely, I have traveled and I have seen with care important works, I am ready! To snatch myself on the canvas, I have so much worry about finishing my work in solitude. I am not very much to see myself in the great spheres of art and culture, it is not my forte!, I am rather a little dot that spins like a crazy bug in solitude and silence.

I’m crazy passionate! Strongly in love with life!, a free wanderer wanting to empty herself in her paintings that is where I express myself best and that if she does not paint she is slowly dying.“

“Movimientos silenciosos” 94 X 61 cm. Mixta/tela/tabla

Melania Díaz, Mexico City, Mexico

Melania Díaz

In P.U.M. Magazine

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