Olivera Starčević (Užice – Srbija),     “Let’s go to the party”, 25 X 30 cm.  Akril na platnu.

Beskrajna maštovitost i naširi spektar boja i nijansi je ono što krasi radove Olivere Stačević, odišući istovremeno vedrinom i pozitivnošću.


Benjamin Mbula,  (Kampala – Uganda) 90 X 90  cm. “SATISFACTIIN OF THE KID”

“I call this work SATISFACTIIN OF THE KID because monstly kids need to have some this who can give him a joy, a  happyness.  you can be able to satisfy a kid.”


Karen Stevens Brazell,

 (Sarasota FL and Scotia NY)  USA 

“As life can be stressful and complicated, I enjoy depicting the “Lighter Side of Life” using bright, complimentary colors. I want my paintings to make people smile and feel an emotional lift when viewing.” K.S.B.



Ayse Cetintas,  (Winterthur – Suisse), “Abracadabra” 50 x 60 cm. Acrylic on canvas,  (2022)

An artist who leaves no one indifferent.

“This painting is inspired by the Harry Potter movie.

I don’t have a magic wand, but fortunately I have brushes.” A.C.


Ana Mutavdžić, (Kragujevac  –  Srbija) ,,Ljudi vole” 100 X 80 cm. Akril na platnu.

Umetnica koja je izgradila svoj sopstveni stil i pristup slikarstvu. Njena sagledavanja su metafizička sa takvom dubinom prikazivanja, da apstrakcija u posmatraču stvara veoma realna sagledavanja poruke.


Bart Misantoni, (Wheaton,  Illinois – United States), 28 x 24 inches  .

“I love creating abstract paintings. It is a healing form of expression for me. The creative process for me is exciting, maddening, humorous, and thought provoking.

I also fully believe in giving back so 5 percent of all sales go to charitable organizations like Heiffer, Amnesty International, Habit for Humanity , etc.” B.M.



Kateryna Bortsova, (Barcelona – España),   “Way to my heart. Italy”, 120 X 100 cm. Acrylic, ink on real map. 2016.

“The concept of my project directly related to the travel and self-realization of man in a globalized world…”



Paolo Sarti (Roma – Italy)  In the smallest republic in the world San Marino (Italy). In the smallest republic in the world San Marino (Italy), Oil on canvas 70 x 50 cm. 1990.

“My major inspirator has been De Chirico, but I’m fascinating by other painters of the 19th and 20th century like:

Van Gogh, gauguin, Picasso, Carrà, Kandinsky, Dali, De Lempicka, Magritte etc.” P.S.



Franziska G. Bisang, (Zürich – Switzerland), 40 X 60 cm.  Acrylic painting on canvas. 2021.

„I paint since I was 15 Years old.

I make art that makes me feel right inside.“ F. B.



Aline Barge, (Stuttgart – Germany), 30 X 40 cm. Acrilic. 2021.

“I am a self-taught artist, from France. I find inspiration frim my travel and daily life scene 

I like to translate the emotions by luminous and warm colors generally using painting knives.” A. B.



Joshie Borin, (Sverige).  ”Sisters”, dimension is 50×70 cm. 2021.

Swedish artist painting with acrylic. “Id that follows all my paintings is the use of a lot of colours. The canvas called ”sisters” I made as a dedication for my sister that always has my back through thick and thin. I started to paint while I was going through a depression and She always supported me and is the reason I’m still alive today.” J.B.



Nassim Bakhshi, (Iran) “Happy and Calm”, 30 X 40 Cm. Oil paint on canvas, 2021.

“When I paint, I feel freedom.I hope this feeling is transferable.” N. B.



Ivona Kalcina, (Italia) “Lockdown” 70 X 50 cm.

 “This painting is dedicated to the De Chirico brothers, Giorgio and Alberto Savinio. This is a detail, measures of the whole picture are 70×50, oil painting technique. My name is Ivona Kalcina and I live in the north of Italy. I studied architecture for a few years and it certainly influenced my way of drawing and painting. My works are constantly changing, my inspirations are many and different: from Greek, Roman art, Renaissance, metaphysical inspiration…” I. K.



Béatrice Ferrand as Skiair,  “Frensh Baguette ou Croissant”, 60 X 60 cm.  Digital painting, 2021.

About the author : “As a former actress, I love telling stories, making people feel the atmosphere through my drawings. My favourite medium is watercolour, although I am currently focused on digital painting.For this illustration, I wanted to represent the atmosphere of this summer morning, on the square of a village in Provence (where I live), in the shade of the plane trees, where she is cycling back from the bakery with two baguettes in her basket. Painted in October 2021.



Javad Beyad (Karaj – Iran), 200 X 175 cm. Oil naint on canvas.

An exceptional artist who possesses the technique of Renaissance masters, with his personal imagination that leaves viewers breathless.



Dora Kalart, (Campania, Italy)  “Fishermen village”, 46 X 33 cm. Oil painting on canvas,


“ My works are constant searches for the best way to express my different points of view and to involve their  viewers to see art from a different point of view. In my paintings texture and synchronization of the colors are fundamental. In my paintings I often  use a  palette knife, with which I can create a double layer of paint.” D. K.



Kriti Pal, (Chandigarh – India), 21 X 29,7  cm. Acrylics, watercolours, sketch pens and pencils, 2021.

Regarding her work, the artist says:

“I remember when I was very young, probably three years old, the language of color was all I knew. I will paint the walls, in math textbooks books, shoes, locker and where not!”



Lale Tulun (Kaş, Antalya – Turkey)  “The Snake Woman”, 80 x 101 cm.

Mixed media, 2021.

Regarding this work, the artist says: “During my life, I have always chosen to express myself and my feelings through painting. This is my way of life.

I started painting in my youth. I have always struggled with myself to improve. I never stopped researching and searching. By doing this painting, I wanted to contribute to women’s rights.”



Verica Rakita, (Kragujevac – Srbija) 50 X 60 cm. Ulje na platnu.

Umetnik posebnog izražajnog senzibiliteta. Verica Rakita poseduje i talenat i energiju da se projektuje kroz veoma širok spekar umetničkog izražavanja, od duboreza, do slikanja na platnu. Svaki njen rad je duboka misaona priča u skladu oblika boja, koje ni jednog posmatrača ne mogu da ostave ravnodušnim.



Hollie King  (Australia)   “Cross-Country Trail”, 18″ x 24″ , Acrylic in canvas ,   is an Australian artist and digital designer currently living in Ontario, Canada. With over 20 years of experience in the fine arts, she has a long love of using acrylic on canvas.

Hollie says of this:

“By using purposeful brushstrokes and defined line work, I want to convey the notions of vitality and hope through perseverance and determination: That although there is chaos, balance and harmony can still be achieved.”



Sulaf Al Homsi, (Syria), “Going crazy”, 14,8 x 21 cm. drew with markers. 2021.

The artist says about herself: I am from Syria and I live in the Netherlands

Life without art is worthless, we need art to stay alive.



Ayse Cetintas,  (Winterthur – Suisse), 60 x 80 cm. – acrylic on paper, 2021.

Ayse sends universal messages through her abstract works and shows that she has achieved all the freedom of artistic expression.



Zoran Radovanović (Brod – Republika Srpska), 38 X 28 cm. akvarel.

Umetnik koji preko akvarela projektuje svoja najfinija osećanja proistekla iz predivnog okruženja, spajajući boje neba, zemlje i vode.



Ana Mutavdžić (Kragujevac – Srbija)  “Zov noći”, 150 X 100 cm.  Akril na platnu. 2021.

Umetnica koja svakim novim radom potvrđuje sopstveni kvalitet, vodeći posmatrače radova u dubine svoje neiscrpne mašte.



Catherine Plana,  Art. katgili du village français d’Eze près de Monaco.

Catherine dit d’elle-même :

Création de bijoux depuis 35 ans dans le village d’eze cote d azur …. je suis parti vivre sur l’ile de gili trawangan pres de bali depuis 2014. j’ai commencé a peindre en indonésie autodidacte j’adore les couleurs et toutes mes photos je les imagine je ne peux pas copier le thème ….. .je fais de l’acrylique sur toile de toutes sortes de dimensions …. ma passion anime mes créations



Marija Jevtić, (Beograd – Srbija) “Deca leta”,  30 X 40 cm. Kombinovana tehnika (print)   2021.

Mlada umetnica nailazi na veliko interesovanje kod likovne publike. Izložba koja se trenutno održava u “Srećnoj galeriji” SKC-a u Beogradu, produžena je do 20. novembra 2021.



Maurizio Rampini, (Italia)   “Davide e Golia”, 80 x 120 cm. Olio su tela.  Fotografia di Tina Esposito Rampini.

A painter of recognizable style, Maurizio Rampini does not leave any observer indifferent. The beauty and rhetoric of women are at the heart of his artistic philosophy.



Verica Rakita, (Kragujevac – Srbija) 50 X 60 cm. Ulje na platnu.

Umetnik najšireg spektra interesovanja i izražavanja. Od duboreza, do radova na platnu. Svaki rad Verice Rakite je najdublje promatranje onoga što je okružuje.



Ayse Cetintas, (Winterthur – Suisse) “The river” – 60 x 80 cm. Acrylic on canvas,  (2021)

An artist who amazes the audience with her energy and spectrum of colors.

The depth of thought and the universal message are on each of her works.

Aisa says about her work: “… the purpose is not to imitate the beauty of nature but only to interpret it in my own way.”


Zoran Radovanović (Brod – Bosna i Hercegovina) 38 X 28 cm. Akvarel na papiru.  

Umetnik koji je sav svoj talenat i umetničko nadajnuće preko akvarela preneo na papir. Zato je svaki njenog rad više nego priča za sebe, u koju je utkan deo umetnikove duše.



Ana Mutavdžić (Kragujevac – Srbija) “Boje velegrada”, 70 X 50 cm. Akril na platnu. Umetnica, koja je izgradila specifičan stil likovnog izražavanja, kaže da joj je ideja  vodilja prilikom nastanka ovog rada bila: “Gradovi imaju dušu koja je kaluđerica, ili prosjakinja, ili bludnica.”


Danijela Stanković Drobnjak ( Bar – Crna gora), “Borba”, 35 X 45 cm. Akril na platnu. 2019.

Rad je izlagan u okviru projekta Narodnog muzeja Crne Gore u galeriji Miodrag Dado Đurić, kao i na manifestaciji On Art Bar, koja je otvorena 31. 10. 2021.  a predstavlja tipičan estetki pristup umetnice iz Bara.


Jose Antonio Zafra López, (Jaen– España),  “La Giralda (Seville)” 50 x 50 cm. Technique: oil on linen canvas.           The artist says about himself: “I studied art history, that’s where my passion for painting comes from, I started in a self-taught way, I am also passionate about comics, maybe my painting follows these guidelines, I look more to illustrate and even to give a pop tone to my works without further ado thank you again and of course send you a greeting from my beautiful Jaen.”


Radovan Vojinović, (Novi Beograd – Srbija) “U fokusu”, 60 X 90 cm. Ulje na platnu, 2021.
Umetnik, veoma karakterističnog stila, za ovaj svoj rad kaže: “…. Predstavlja zbunjenu zenu, pomalo iznerviranu i umornu od tolike paznje koja joj se posvećuje, sto govori i sam naziv slike.”


Kemal Mehmedović, (Sarajevo – Bosna i Hercegovina)  “Smaragdni grad”, 27×37 cm, Akvarel/ tuš.

Onaj ko pogleda neki od radova Kemala Mehmedovića, neminovno ulazi u svet bajki. To je autor koji svojom maštovitošću naprosto opčini svakog posmatrača.


Larisa Horková (Prague – Czesh Republik), “Historická Praha – setkání u řeky” – olej na plátně, malíř.

The pronounced machine and color are what make Larisa Horková’s works special and set her apart from other painters.


Gül Yiğit, (Antalya –  Türkiye), “Yokolmanın eşiğinde” 50 x 50 cm. üzerine akrilik boyama.

The artist says about herself: She was born on 1971 in Osmaniye. After studying Graphics at Eskişehir Fine Arts Faculty, she worked as a graphic designer in an advertising agency in Istanbul for many years. For her, painting is a passion that comes from his childhood. According to the artist: “Reality is all about our point of view.” Geometric patterns and warm colors stand out in her works. It stands against the human effort to destroy nature. The artist still continues to work at her home in Antalya. https://www.instagram.com/gulyigit_art/

Zoran Radovanović (Brod – Republika Srpska) 38 X 28 cm. Akvarel.

Umetnik koji preko radova u akvarelu iskazuje svoja najprefinjenija osećanja.


Matan Vukčević (Podgorica – Crna Gora) “New York”, 160 X 80 cm. Akril na platnu 2020.

Za Vukčevića, mladog umetnika,  je već napisano: “…. odavno već se, u skladu sa svojom ličnošću i jakim stvaralačkim nagonom, okrenuo upravo drugoj soluciji – konstantnom promišljanju i traženju odgovora na vječna pitanja u umjetnosti, o životu, čovjeku, vremenu i svijetu..”

Ana Mutavdžić (Kragujevac – Srbija) “Ljudi smo”, 70 X 50 cm. Akril na platnu.

Još jedan izuzetan rad Ane Mutavdžić. Višeslojnost poruke i dubina izražajnosti ponovo dolaze do izražaja kod ove slikarke koja je izgradila svoj specifičan i prepoznatljiv stil.

 Ayse Cetintas, (Winterthur – Suisse), “Moonlight”, 60 X 80 cm. Acrylic on canvas,. 2021.
We present the latest work of our collaborator Ayse Cetintas.Always original and unexpected, leaving an unforgettable impression on the observer.
Jonathan Bray (Indonesia), "Figure with Faces", 166 X 133 cm. 2021. "Ive been working here for 11 years (American)  because the low cost of living means I can focus on my art full time. I'm a figurative painter and love depicting figures and faces in new and unexpected ways. I made it using fabric dye and bleach, as well as enamel and paint pens."
Samah Elbuzay, “Scattered” (Omdurman – Sudan), 30 X 40 cm. Acrylic, mixed media. 2020.
 The author says: It is one of my collections of works of art in the unconscious, I didn't even know how it would end then, I just put on my canvas and started drawing what I felt inside then, sometimes it's hard to explain the pictures we drew unconsciously Scattered!I quoted for that .. "We are not obliged to correct the thoughts of others, but we are obliged to take into account the scale of their mentality." (unknown)
Kateryna Abbey (Naples - Italy), "Modern Mythology", 60 X 90cm,  Mixed media: embroidery, textile, acrylic painting, digital collage. 2020.
Versatile artist Katerina Abbey says about this work:The work shows the atmosphere of the mysterious world that exists in the subconscious of the artist.
Vida Federspiel   (Cosmopolitan) , "Everyone IS looking for Warmth and Cosiness. So the Fly...", 15 x 10 cm, Felt Tip Pen,  2021.
It is a very specific artist who has built her own, recognizable style, of recognizable color.

Zoran Radovanović (Banja Luka – Bosna i Hercegovina), Bez naziva, 38 x 28 cm. Akvarel na papiru. 2021.
Umetnik koji na najsuptilniji način dočarava različite motive svoje mašte i svog okruženja. Njeovi radovi probuđuju najtanananija osećanja posmatrača.

Marek Fluxa, (Ostrava, Czech Republic), “Distant Galaxy”, 40 X 50 cm.  technique – brush and blowing. 2021. 

Regarding his work, the artist says: the artwork  evokes in me a feeling of beauty and infinity of the unexplored universe.

 Karolin Brünink (Germany), “Powerful emotion” 99 X 70 cm.  Acrylic on canvas.

Through abstract forms, the artist explores all current moods in a very successful and original way, evoking universal ideas.

Alena Gojak, (Sarajevo, Bosna i Hercegovina) “Ako imas dolara kupas se u moru, ako nemaš dolara čučis u lavoru.”  65 x 65 cmAkril na platnu, 2021.

Jedno od razmišljanja slikarke je i: “Život moze biti jedna vesela i zanimljiva avantura, mi smo ti koji ga stvaramo i bojimo , nasa rekacija na stvari oko nas je bitna. Svoj zivot sam odlucila da obojim samo pozitivnim bojama i motivima, a dogadjaje oko sebe da vidim kao priliku za rast. Zato su slike su predstavljene nevino i naivno da bi isprovocirale samo finu emociju, toplinu, bezbriznost, koju smo imali kao djeca. “ 

Elena Nisenblat, “151652”, 20.5 x 29.5 cm Materials: ink, watercolor, acrylic, felt-tip pens, charcoal, oil pastel, mixed media.  2021

A very original artist, whose works are full of colors through which, through abstract forms, she sends various messages, next to this work she placed the following quote:”Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success” Swami Sivananda

Thiago Müller Hartmann  (Curitiba – Brazil), “The Dauth of Feeling), 40 X 56 c. Oil on canvas. 2021.

Junto com este trabalho, o artista escreveu:“….um mergulho de um outono ao outro numa jornada intensa, visceral e dolorosa. lentamente tudo transformou-se de maneira absurda diante de um mundo em ruínas: o peso de um sentimento, mas que mesmo em sua completa destruição se sente mais completo do que nunca, por ter sentido cada detalhe.”

Daniele Dell’Uomo,  (Alatri provincia Frosinone – Italia), “Alla fonte”. Acrilico su tela 80 x 130 cm 2001.

L’artista racconta di sé e della sua opera:Amo tutti i miei quadri, ognuno di essi rappresenta un momento, anche solo un attimo della mia vita.Per me la pittura è uno strumento per possedere la realtà, un pacifico rapimento di attimi e cose.

Željan Pavić (Rijeka – Croatia), “Kastav”,  Šetnja pok. tete Bosiljke po Kastvu. 40 X 40 cm. Mixed media. 2021.

Umetnik koji u svakoj liniji i svakoj nijansi dočarava podneblje kome pripada na najautentičniji način. Zato je svaki rad Željana Pavića vrhunski umetnički doživljaj.

Carla Faccina (Brasil) “Free Ladies”, A 5, Acylic on thick paper, 2021.

The artist says about her works:… “my work is a way of representing the various aspects of female energy. I like to paint women because we have been so misrepresented in society. By drawing them, I give them voice. And at the same time- I give myself a voice- because every woman I draw is also a aspect of myself- light or shadow. In a sense, we as women are all one aspect of the Divine Feminine, the Goddess, the Gaia.”

Anna Jansova (Czech Republike), “Aquarium”, 40 X 30 cm. Sketch paper, permanent marker. 2021.
Umělec, jehož díla jsou plná barev, o tomto díle říká:  ….  trošku barev pro oči … Toto akvárium jsem namalovala jen a jen pro Vás. Tak si ho užijte a usmívejte se na kolem jdoucí a plovoucí.

Sefedin Faković  (Tutin – Srbija), “Hotni džamija” 90 X 70 cm. Ulje na platnu. 2021.

Motivima iz svog okruženja slikar Faković prilazi sa puno realizma i osećaja za lepotu, sklad  i boje.

Nataša Petejčuk, (Podgorica – Montenegro), Ispod šešira”, 40 X 40 cm. Akril 2020./21.

Mlada umetnica svojim apstraktnim formama na publiku deluje neočekivanom energijom i optimizmom. Možda je i to jedan od razloga da je za veoma kratko vreme imala 6 samostalnih izložbi.

Mike Fullarto, (Scottish abstract artisti  living in Poland),  ‘On My Mind’, 90cm x 100, acrylic on canvas. For this work, the artist says:  “It’s part of a series of paintings which explore the theme of memories, and how they change each time they’re recalled.  What we remember is only a likeness of things gone by. The slightly changed memory is then embedded as “real,” only to be reconstructed with the next recollection, like a story that’s edited every time we tell it.”

Ana Mutavdžić (Kragujevac – Srbija), “Leđa o leđa“, 150 X 100 cm., Akril na platnu. 2021.

Jedan od poslednjih radova afirmisane slikarke Ane Mutavdžić. Ualaskom u novi ciklus, zadržala je svoj specifični kolorit i snagu likovnog izraza koju je decenijama  gradila.

Loco Lance (Miami, Flortida – USA) 7, 5 X 6 inch. For this work the artist says: “Here is the forth of 5 or 10 pieces of artwork that I will produce on a box as my canvas as you can see this Sudafed box fits my new artwork project perfectly.” A publici poručuje: “I’m a new artist in Miami Florida USA and I have big dreams for 2022. I can’t reveal them as it’s my secret and it will come to life next year  .  Looking to open 2022 and have a new concept never seen before!!!! Wait and see what I’m going to do to the artistic scene. I think everyone is in for a great surprise.”

Stel, (Nice – France),  Drawing instinctive/pen/pencil/pastel

An artist with a very interesting life path, she says about this work:
“A “fuck”sent in peace is an art.
To be a rebel is:
Do not be stirred internally by exterior movements.
The spirit remains indomitable.
The spirit is free. “
( instinctive drawing/ Process in my story)

« Un «fuck » envoyé en toute quiétude est un art.
Être rebelle c’est :
Ne pas être remué intérieurement par les mouvements extérieurs.
L’esprit reste indomptable.
L’esprit est libre. »
(Dessin instinctif/ Process dans ma story)

 Nicky Campbell, (Johannesburg – South Africa)  “Radiant Night”, 21 X 29 cm.  Watercolor.
Through the sophistication of watercolors, Nicky Campbell expresses her artistic inspirations. They are often characters of people and animals, shown in unusual situations, but always with a clear message, which the artist expresses in hundreds of artistic details. That is why each of her works is a beautiful art story.

Paul-Robert Konopinski, (Gothenburg – Sweden) 70 X 70 cm. Mixed technique on paper – print Ready-to-Frame. 2021.

An artist with a very broad expressive sensibility, such as Paul-Robert Konopinski, fascinates observers with each new work, because his approaches are unexpected, full of color with forms that convey the depth of his thoughts.

  Kateryna Abbey, (Naples – Italy), “Butterfly and Female”,Mixed media art (embroidery, acrylic painting,  digital), 2020.

The artist says: “The primary idea of ​​my work is to make a new kind of mixed media artwork. I use real handmade textile objects and computer graphics together to create a single art object.The works of my creativity have aspects of surrealism, duality, psychedelia, metamorphosis, contrasts, colorful, asymmetry.The images of my art arise from the depths of the subconscious. I draw inspiration from contemporary art.”

Ana Maria Garello (Parana, Entre Rios – Argentina)”Uomo di mare” dibujo a pastel seco y lápiz/lápiz color.

An artist who is on a variety of substrates and technical artistic expressions. Ana Maria Garello is a name for every respect.

Dawid Baran, (Warsaw – Poland), “Feminine Sweetness”, 40 X 50 cm. Oil on canvas. 2020.

In his works, Dawid Baran introduces all the skills of an established artist. That is why his works are equally appreciated by foreign critics and by painting lovers.

Martina Di Gregorio, (Bratislava – Slovakia), “Circle of life”, 100 X 155 cm. Acrylic on board.  2021.The painter Martina Di Gregorio expresses her artistic inspirations in a very coloratura way through abstract forms full of expressionist freedoms. That is why her works are impressive and make her original.

Sandra Mitrović, (Beograd – Srbija), “Trg Belavista” 60 X 80 cm. Ulje na pllatnu.  2021.

Pojednostavljujući formu i motive slikarka Sandra Mitrović je uspela ne samo da izgradi svoj jedinstven i prepoznatljiv stil, već i da privuče posmatrača likovnom pričom koja ge ne ostavlja ravnodušnim.

Monika Riethmueller, (Windeck – Germany), “Summer winw I” 70 X 100 cm.  Media (oil, acrylic, pastel and graphite od 300 gms paper).

An artist of vivid imagination, such as Monica Riethmueller, expresses all her immense fantasies through the entire spectrum of colors in abstract forms.

Stefan Dimovski, (Skopje – Makedonija), “Swimming under the MOOON” 120 X 120 cm. Kombinovana tehnika 2021.

Umetnik veoma širokog spektra likovnog izražavanja je Stefan Dimovski. I što je najvažnije njegtov kvalitet je potvrdila i kritika i publika i van granica njegove države.

Mersad Kuldija (Sarajevo – Bosna i Hercegovina), “Slobode” 120 X 100 cm. Akril na platnu. 2021.

Umetnik Mersad Kuldija  svojim radovima istovremeno prenosi duboku  duhovnu i uzvišenu umetničku poruku. Ovog puta prezentiramo njegov rad koji će uskoro biti izložen u Monaku, na Internacionalnom sajmu savremene umetnosti.

Marina Fergeson (Nicosia – Ciprus) Inspired by Greece, Santorini,  50 X 70 cm.  Oil on canvas. 2021.

The variety of motifs is what adorns the painting of the artist named Marina Ferfeson. Mediterranean motifs and all the colors offered by that climate are presented in a very subtle way in her works.

Agnes Esteve Traskine, (Aix en Provence – France), without name, 60 X 60 cm. Acrilic on canvas, 2021.

The artist Agnes Esteve Traskine depicts the whole depth of the celestial and sea expanses in an abstract way in all their deep mystery.

Maja Miškov (Split, Komiža – Croatia)  “Svetac” (Po otoku Sv. Andrija pored Visa), 50 X 70 cm. Akril na platnu. 2021.

Umetnica za sebe kaže: “Dalmacija je moja vječna inspiracija. Pa je sve što naslikam moj doživljaj podneblja i kojem živim” Mora se priznati kako to radi na veoma originalan i sugestivan način

RiikkaKoo “Look” (Oulu – Finland), 45 X 55 cm. Acrylic & gold enamel paint on canvas, 2021.

The artist from Finland, who signs herself as RikkaKoo, visually researches in the fields of abstraction and portraiture in a very interesting way.

Ana Marija Rauch (Kranj – Slovenija), “Kavni” (Coffe on), 30 X 29 cm.  Kolaž i tuš. 2020.

Mlada umetnica Ana Marija Rauch je veoma smela u svom likovnom istražavanju što kod nje nije samo posledica mladosti već, očiglednog, širokog umetničkog nadahnuća i neizmetne maštovitosti.

Milena Popović (Beograd – Srbija), “Pukotine”, 45 X 50 cm. Akril na platnu. 2021.

Precizni pokret, izbalansirani odnos prikazanog i boja koje se koriste, je ono što krasi radove Milene Popović, slikarke koja veoma uspešno u skladu sa vekom u kome stvara, nadrgrađuje svoj uzor Rene Magritta.

Vesna Marinković Stanković (Vranje – Srbija),  “Magical world”, 60 X 80 cm. Ulje na platnu. 2020.

Svo bogatstvo kolorita i temperamenta svog okruženja Vesna Marinković Stanković u više nego uspešno prenesi na svoje radove. Zato je svaki njen na slika desetak malih priča iz prošlosti i sadašnjosti.

Željan Pavić (Rijeka – Croatia) “KASTAV” 40 x 40 cm Ulje. 2021.
Umetnik sa veoma izraženim i prepoznatljivim stilom kakav poseduje Željan Pavić, dočarava ne samo kolorit i arhitektonske linije bogatog istarskog nasleđa, već i u apstraktnim formana, gde koristi i retke materijale, od žice, do kartona, izražava svu svoju bujnu maštovitost.

 Aleksandar & Đorđe Masniković, (Beograd, Stbija) “Blue parrot”, 60 X 30 cm. Drvo – metal. 2021. 

Svoju maštovitost i umeće Aleksandar i Đorđe Masniković su uspeli od materijala koje  bez problema nalaze oko sebe, da naprave sculpture koje plene svojom originalnošću, koje se ne briše lako iz sećanja onih koji vide makar samo i jedan njihov rad.

Marko Bodrožić Selak (Malinska, Otok Krk – Crtoatia), “Rainy day”,  150 X 100 cm , Akril na platnu,  mix medium. 2021.An outstanding work by the famous Croatian painter Marko Bodrožić. He incorporated all his expressionist and abstract skills into it, creating a work of admiration and all respect. This kind of work enriches every space in which it is found.

Marko Bodrožić Selak, (Malinska Otok Krk – Croatia) “Storm”,  200 X150 cm, Akril na platnu,  Mix medium. 2021.

The painting entitled “Storm” is an excellent work by the esteemed Croatian painter Marko Bodrožić, Selak. The abstract message of a Mediterranean storm that contains all the fears and beauties, hopes and light that inevitably comes behind it all. In short, a valuable work that every observer will admire.

Dubravka Mijatović (Zagreb – Croatia), “Skica života”, 30 X 20 cm. Mix medija na papiru. 2020.

Ako neko ima moto: “… man, don’t go small under the stars ….” A.B.Šimić „Čovječe, pazi da ne ideš malen ispod zvijezda!“ Antuna Branka Šimića, onda je jasno zašto je svaki likovni rad Dubravke Mijatović sa veoma snažnom porukom.

Danica Masniković (Beograd – Srbija),  “Noj” 80 X 80 cm. Ulje na platnu, sa aplikacijama. 2019.

Upečatljiva, originačna, cenjena. Danica Masniković. Rad objavljujemo ljubaznošću Belgrade Design District,  Art studio DADA,  Čumićevo Sokače 54.

Nikša Janković (Zagreb – Croatia) “Adam i Eva” 42 X 29,7 cm. Akvarel na papiru. 2020.

Energičan mladi umetnik, poput Nikše Jankovića, sa svojom maštovitošću, ostavlja iza sebe likovni trag koji je za svaki respekt.

Petar Kiranovski (Resen – Makedonija),    “NEBOTO NA DETSTVOTO” – 45 × 40 cm. Kombinirana tehnika na blok hartija 2021.

Na izrazito apstraktan ekspresionistički način Petar Kiranovski se izražava, stvarajući veoma upečatljiva umetnička dela.

Bojan Đođrđević Omča (Beograd – Srbija) “Na morer” 14 X 20 cm. Markeri na kartonu. 2021.“Jedan je od osnivača Kolektiva Mubareć i grupe Art Brut Serbia. Apstrakcija, kolaži, grafika, ilustracija su samo delići umetnosti koja ga privlači. Đorđevićev vizuelni izraz i poetika su se, kako i sam kaže, formirali i oblikovali kroz interesovanja, uticaje i otkrića likovnog stvaralaštva “primitivnih kultura” iz svih krajeva sveta, ali i srednjovekovnih iluminacija, umetničkih epoha i pokreta secesije, Bauhausa, dadaizma, umetnosti Gustava Klimta, Pola Klea, Kurta Švitersa. Svoje radove je izlagao na raznim izložbama i alternativnim mestima.”

Bilal Nikezić (Ulcinj – Montenegro), “Ura je 12:05” , 160 X 100 cm.  Akrilik na platnu. 2019.

Ako za nekoga možemo reći kako stalno istražije u oblasti umetnosti, to je Bilal Nikezić. I to u rasponu od klasičnog slikarstva, do umetničke fotografije.

Tamara Paun (Beograd – Srbija), “Blooming Wish”, 30 X 50 cm. Akvarel. 2020.  

Slikar, dizajner, fotogrtaf, Tamara Paun je kroz najrazličitije forme umetničkog izražavanja uspeva da izrazi svu svoju kreativnost i maštovitost.

Vasilev Nice (Strumica – Makedonija)    “Na suncu” , 35 X 50 cm. Akril na papiru, 2020.

Suptilnim pokretima i istančanim koloritom, Vasilev Nice veoma uspešno gradi svoj umetnički svet.

Luka Dedić (Beograd – Srbija) “Otvaranje”,  50 X 50 cm. Ulje na platnu. 2020. 

Preko različitih tehnika likovnog izražavanja Luka Dedić iznosi na videlo slike svoje bujne mašte, potvrđujući kroz svaki rad svoju likovnu originalnost i  umeće.

Boro Arsovski (Skopje – Makedonija) “Time”81 X 67 cm. Akrilne i uljane boje, 2020/21.

Sigurni potezi u celom spektru duginog kolorita je ono što krasi radove Gospodina Arsovskog. Zato su priče koje posmatrač vidi na njegovim radovima nešto što se dugo pamti.

Tome  Mishev (Negotino – Makedonija), “Srnče”, 100 X 80 cm. Ulje na platnu. 2020.

Slikar veoma jakog i izražajnog kolorita, kakav je Tome Mishev, raznolikošću svojih motiva proizašlim iz neizmerne mašte  ne ostavlja ni jednog posmatrača ravnodušnim.

Marina Milev (Bor – Srbija),  “U korak s vremenom”, Digitalna slika, 2021.

Od najsurovije realnosti, do nezamislive maštovitosti, to je ono što krasi radove Marine Milev.

Suzana Milenković (Washington State – USA)    ““Forest Impression”, 30in x 40in (76cm x 101cm), Ulje na platnu.

Svojim radovima Suzana Milenković je stekla zavidni pozicije na ogromnom tržištu umetničkih radova, kakvo je u U.S.A. Ona za svoja dela kaže: “Prekrasne šume, planine sa sniježnim vrhovima, jezera i obala okeana, stalna su inspiracija mojih radova.” 

Nataša Stević (Sarajevo – Bosta i Hercegovina),  Otok,  80 X 80 cm. Akril na platnu. 2021.Mlada umetnica Nataša Stević je za veoma kratko vreme pronašla svoj originalni I publici prepoznatljiv I blizak likovni jezik.  Ona sama kaže: “Boje moraju da daju snagu, ali i mir – moraju podići energiju u prostoriji, ali i smiriti u pravo vrijeme kad nam to treba. Ne držim pravila, uživam stvarajući svoju tehniku i svoj svijet pozitivnosti i odmora od surove realnosti.” Tu smo da je podržimo u daljem radu.

Darija Stipanić (Rijeka  –  Croatia), “I want to…VIII” , 21,5 x 39,5 cm.,  Kombinirana tehnika na MDF ploči, 2021.

Ovo je jedan od radova od mini serije od ukupno 8 slika. Tu do punog izražaja dolazi osećajnost, maštovitost i likovno umeće Darije Stipanić.

Vasko Taškovski (Skopje – Makedonija) “Brod”, 35 X 50 cm. Akvarel. Slikar, izložba.

Slikar nesagledive imaginacije poput Vaskas Taskovskog ostavlja svakog posmatrača pred svojim radom opčinjenog onim što vidi.

Žiga Korent (Ljubljana – Slovenija) “Robba fountain with the Town Hall”, 30 X 40 cm. Acrylic on canvas, 2019,

Uz ovaj svoj rad, Žiga Korent poručuje: For all of you who miss our magical Ljubljana and cannot visit.

(Za sve vas koji nedostajete našoj čarobnoj Ljubljani i ne možete je posetiti.)

Mirko Markešić (Stara Diklenica – Hrvatska) “RIBIČKA PRIČA” 40X50 cm. Ulje na staklu 2021.

Umetnik u kome je proključala sva lepota kolorita okružćenja, iz čega su nastali brojni vredni radovi, potpisani sa Mirko Markešić. Izložba, slikar.

Edin Kaplani (Ulcinj – Montenegro), slikar, izložba,  “Fish” 150 x 100 cm. Akrilik 2021.Edin Kaplani je slikar mora i Ulcinja. I svaka njegova likovna priča je posebna i originalna i iz svake može da se čuje šum mora i aroma soli i mirisi daljine Otranskih vrata.

Sandra Horvart (Varaždin – Hrvatska), “Plava bajka o postanku”, Akril na platnu, dimenzije 50 x 140 cm. 2021. Mlada umetnica koja je skrenula pažnju na sebe svojim  radovima sa  veoma izražajnim likovnim porukama. Zaključak je kako je umetnička budućnost pred njom.

Dragan Jovanović (Čačak – Srbija)  “Exodus 2”, 60 X 42 cm. Uljano jajčana tempera na platnu.

Po kosmičkom okeanu neizmerne maštovitosti plovi Dragan Jovanović, spajajući vešto krajnje realističke prikaze sa žilvernovskom maštovitošću. Svaki njenov rad je bajka koju posmatrač i otkriva i dograđuje

Vladimir Crnomarković  (Niš – Srbija) ”Skok”  Akvarel. 38 X 28 cm.     2021.

Za njega je mr. Vladan Ranđelović: „Vladimir Crnomarković, slikar , čovek lirskog srca, tragajući za poetikom u prirodi najbolje se izrazio u tehnici akvarel. Akvarel u sebi nosi svetlost i vodu, što je osnova života. Na akvarelima primećujemo odlučnost poteza, širinu i snagu i veliku veštinu u izradi.”

Stefan Dimovski (Skopje – Makedonija), slikar, izložba, “Claster”, Kombinovana tehnika,  50 x 70 cm. 2021.

Kako sam umetnik kaže: “KLASTER aludira na klaster sirenje Covida. Odnosno sredinom crteza je jedna crvena inficirana ribica koja lako širi infekciju u jato.”

Nemanja Aman, (Požega – Srbija), slikar, izložba, THE DOORS OF PERCEPTION” , 2019. Oil on canvas, 40 x 30 cm. 2019.Umetnik izuzetne maštovitosti poput Nemanje Amana, koji prefinjenim koloritom, sa temama koje su između realnosti i bajki, posmatrače uvek ostavlja zadivljene i takoreći bez daha.

Vesna Marinković Stanković (Vranje – Srbija), slikar, izložba, “Magical world”, 80 X 60 cm. Ulje na platnu. 2021. Umetnica za svoje radove kaže: “Kada sam negde 2002. godine počela da radim ciklus slika “Magični svet”, nisam mogla ni da pretpostavim da će to da preraste u stil. Sada to više ne da nije ciklus slika, već je moj stil izražavanja.”

Hana Mirkov (Tivat – Montenegro), slikar, izložba. Bez naziva, 50 X 60 cm. Akril na platnu. 2021. U svom prepoznatljivom stilu Hana Mirkov dočarava sav kolorit i aromu mediterana. Zato je svaki njen rad jedna “morska ljubavna priča”.