Identity, Interview Ayse Cetintas

Identity,  Interview Ayse Cetintas

In front of  us are the works of Ayse Cetintas. In abstract works, imaginative artists combine not only material and spiritual forces, but also aspects of different cultures. 

 The first impression is that of an impressive imagination of a very fantastic and sensitive person who has a very refined sense of the harmony of colors.

50 X 50 cm. Acrylic on canvas.

That is why in her painting career she reached a level worthy of all respect.

 One tragic event made you to share your passion for art with the public. It is the death of your father, the most important person in your life, in 2019.

You have decided to publish your paintings after this tragic event. The pain certainly hasn’t stopped, but artwork has been added that deserves attention.

I lost my beloved father in April 2019. He was the most important man in my life. He taught me courage, humility, common sense, justice and many other values ​​that make me Ayse as I am today. His loss was heartbreaking; my icon was no more. An indescribable pain that diminished over time until it disappeared, thanks to meditation and acceptance, which turned into nostalgia … a nostalgia in which, today after two years, I face serenity. I wanted to dedicate the publication of my paintings to him. I had never dared before.

50 X 60 cm. Acrylic on canvas.

You carry within you the necessary opposites that are necessary for an artist.

You also have two Cultures in you, and you are certainly especially enriched with that, which can only have a positive effect on you visually perceiving the subjects that form the basis of your work.

I am in the sign of Libra, with the ascendant of Scorpio. I love everything that is beautiful (not necessarily in the aesthetic sense), pure, natural and true. Balance is necessary. Rationality is necessary. A sense of justice is essential. On the other hand, however, I love freedom of thought and life, carefreeness, mystery, perseverance and intuition. “The features of this cocktail completely contrast with each other. That paradox  inevitably led me to rebellion.

80 X 100 cm. Acrylic on canvas.

“I was born in Istanbul and at the age of 9 months I was taken by my parents to Switzerland. I grew up and still live in Switzerland. I have an older brother and a sister, and a younger sister. My family is invaluable to me.

It can be said that you have been a perfectionist since you were a child. The desire to succeed has not left you to this day.

Growing up, observing, learning, and comparing, I realized that perfectionism is an illusion; at the same time, it was neither necessary nor useful. It was a dilemma that turned into a new challenge: how to get rid of the craving for perfectionism? What should I do? How to create balance without violating certain healthy principles, while still feeling free in thought and deed?

60 X 80 cm. Acrylic on canvas.

Since I was the daughter of an immigrant and did not know a word of Italian, I had to make great efforts in integration and socializing from an early age. Imagine a little girl who sets herself the goal of improving her language skills, gaining excellent school grades, being welcomed in a circle of friends and making her parents proud. In the third grade, I was the best in the Italian language class.

There is an interesting anecdote related to the beginnings of your work. Tell us.

The passion for drawing was born from a young age. I took this virtue from my father, who was talented in drawing. Since elementary school, I have loved drawing and challenged myself to put the most difficult pictures on paper. The internet did not exist at that time and therefore nature, objects and comics inspired me.

70 X 90 cm. Acrylic on canvas.

I won  first prize at the age of 10, when the municipality in the village where I lived organized a competition at all levels of  school: the theme was “youth and sports”. My design was chosen as the best. You cannot imagine my extraordinary happiness.

Today you are a successful woman.

I have been a team leader since I was 24 and I lead a team of experts who manage complex personal injury procedures. My specialization is social security. It is a demanding job, which involves dedication, passion, perseverance, a sense of responsibility, courage, flexibility, rationality, rigor, etc.  Trust me, “rearranging” my lifestyle has also positively affected my professional activities. The results are extraordinary, despite the fact that I got rid of perfectionism, despite the fact that I did not give up on rationality (an indispensable component in my work).

40 X 80 cm. Acrylic on canvas.

The messages within her works are often only suggested, and empowers the observer to discover the infinity of messages that the artist conveys in her paintings. which are made, as a rule, using the medium of acrylic on canvas.

You could be said to be a perfectionist from an early age. The desire to succeed has not left you to this day.

50 X 60 cm. Acrylic on canvas.

In all this we can look for the reason why the works of art of Ayse Cetintas are in very warm colors, and her messages are just as calm and deep. Often next to her works she places thoughts that accompany her during the creation of the work of art. In a brief, her works of art are messages of love and an expression of a happy woman, who selflessly gives to the observer a part of her inner feelings which are embedded within each of her works.

80 X 100 cm. Acrylic on canvas.

It is obvious that the artist has in herself that special trait of a woman who originates from the East, to reveal the messages of the Universe, and, who, on the other hand remains enigmatic and half-hidden for her environment. In the end Ayse Cetintas says:

I do not want to identify with a unique style, nor to establish a particular artistic path or goal, nor to have a characteristic imprint that exclusively reveals my identity. I just want to make good use of my creativity by following my instinct, my imagination and my current emotions. at the same time I decide on the technique, shapes and colors … but be careful: I never paint in order to discover the true nature of my state of mind. I invite people to let their imagination run wild while looking at my work.

60 X 80 cm. Acrylic on canvas.

Ayse Cetintas, Winterthur, Suisse

For P.U.M. she spoke

Ayse Cetintas

Lusy Lavisy in P.U.M. magazine

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