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Hollie King, ( Australia – Canada), “Cross-Country Trai”, 18″ x 24″, Acrylic in canvas, artist and digital designer currently living in Ontario, Canada. With over 20 years of experience in the fine arts, she has a long love of using acrylic on canvas. She has lived in Australia, the United Kingdom, Indonesia, East Timor and Canada; and through that time has gained inspiration from cityscapes, natural landscapes and people, whilst being influenced by the collective diversity of events and emotions that those places conjure. Hollie likes to transform the elements of texture and colour into bold, abstract and illustrative-styled pieces that represent her personal journey through the extremes of both triumph and turmoil, to achieve balance through chaos.

Hollie says of this:
“By using purposeful brushstrokes and defined line work, I want to convey the notions of vitality and hope through perseverance and determination: That although there is chaos, balance and harmony can still be achieved.”